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Hi my name is Guy Edrington and this is my Bitcoin Investing Center. I am President of New World Trading Ltd and a past Board Of Director of the Canadian Society Of Technical Analyst and I have completed Level 2 of the Chartered Market Technician certification from the International Federation of Technical Analysts.

Here you will learn all about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency investing either as an investment or for your IRA. If you are new to the Bitcoin phenomenon then I would encourage you to get this Free Bitcoin Investing IRA Guide that explains this fascinating new investment product.

I will be researching the Bitcoin industry and will be posting articles, videos, books and investing resources to help you understand this market both pro and con.

Crypto Currency Trading AdvisoryHere are some key points you need to understand about Bitcoin investing.

  • Why Bitcoin & Ethereum Are Seen As The New Gold and Silver
  • The Costs and Fees Involved With A Crypto IRA Investment
  • Reasons Why Banks and Governments Are Investing In Cryptocurrencies
  • Expert Price Predictions From Financial Experts And Elite Investors
  • Other Altcoins Worth Adding To Your IRA and Why

This is Quite A Remarkable Crypto Investment Performance

bitcoin investing centerHere is the link to get your Free Bitcoin Cryto IRA Investing Guide


Good Investing!

Guy Edrington

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